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Scamardo Financial is your retirement plan expert.

Scamardo Financial assumes a fiduciary role for employers that offer retirement plans.  We provide cost effective and transparent solutions while reducing legal risks.

Why does my business need a 401k plan?

A. Tax Savings- A 401k could reduce your income taxes by $22,000 this year (44% of $50,000)   by utilizing 401k and profit sharing features. Employees may be able to contribute up to $17,500 from their paycheck.

B. Retain your best employees- Companies that offer a retirement plan are more competitive and better able to retain their best employees.   When your employees are happy, your company runs better.

C. Retirement Savings- When a company provides a 401k plan, the employer can provide a matching plan for their employees and give their employees access to investment options they otherwise would not have had.

What are the costs?

Who says a top-notch 401k plan has to be expensive?  At Scamardo Financial, we believe every company should have a retirement plan without having to pay too much.  We have partnered with the best firms in the industry to keep your fees very low.

What is fiduciary liability?

Fiduciary liability is the liability placed on employers, trustees, and others managing a retirement plan for failing to perform their responsibility for those they represent.  Scamardo Financial assumes a fiduciary role to help protect employers and employees.


Fiduciary Services

Employee Education
Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Development
Vendor Selection
Fee Assessment
Monitoring Investment Performance